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soniclipstick's Journal

Field Reports from Sarah Jane Smith
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This is the newsletter for keeping up with all the news about Elisabeth Sladen in her appearances in fandom and onscreen.

If you would prefer that we didn't link to your lj, or to a particular discussion or item at your lj, please let us know.

Things we will link to:

• News and Reviews (media mentions, articles, interviews, etc)
• Episode Discussion
• Meta Discussion
• Fan Creations -- fic, vids, artwork
• Events

We will make every effort to mark spoilers.

We will not link to fics that are missing headers. Fic headers should be clearly marked with characters, some form of rating, and, as applicable, pairings and spoilers. A header containing the information needed to help us create a link might, ideally, look something like this:


*posting membership is limited to moderators and maintainers*

Our sister journals are who_daily and torchwood_three

There is an uber-list of LJ newsletters for multiple fandoms at http://www.selenayhaven.com/newsletters01.htm